What's Inside?

Walk At Uluru

Walking on country with Egyptologist Ahmed F. Fayed and entrepreneur Blythe Langford-Salisbury

New Moon Activation

Live from Byron Bay, January 2018

Interview: Valerie Barrow

Over soul, first humans and giantess from Cosmic Consciousness Conference 2018

Spiritual Hangover

What they are and how to survive them
Earth Warrior Membership
This Membership is for people that are difference makers, coaches, consultants and authors. People that are in positions of influence that have a responsibility to support the world by sharing their wisdom they’ve learned about their life’s journey and sharing with others.

It is not suited for people who don’t want to take responsibility for their life and overall experience, who are victims to their circumstances.

Through this Membership you will gain a new relationship with yourself, a strong community of peers and a place where you can share ideas. Where your ideas and new insights are valued rather than made to be abnormal.

This is a place where sanity is found in a sometimes chaotic and insane world. Where you can discover your gifts and true abilities beyond what is considered “normal”. Reigniting the fire of confidence within yourself to do your work. A reconnection to your tribe of people beyond friendships to the greater purpose of supporting humanity and the Earth.

You can expect weekly energetic forecasts to gain insight on what’s happening at an Earth and Cosmic energetic level to help you navigate through the collective consciousness, back to your soul’s organic timeline to stay true to yourself.
Membership includes:
  • Access to a private Facebook group to share ideas and get support from the group
  •  Full Moon and New Moon ceremonies
  •  Energetic Activations
  •  Live teachings and recordings, including an archive of all prior content
  •  Mystery guests that provide insightful information to support your soul's journey and your own
Sarah Baiada - Copyright 2018
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